Grenton Smart Switch - Incredible features hidden in a simple switch

Sciemniacze w automatyce budynkowej
In modern times everyone owns a smartphone and broadband Internet and flat-screen TVs are in every home. Aren't you at least a little bit surprised, that such a wide-spread device as a light switch is not subject to any technical revolutions?
One could ask: why change something that works just fine? The problem is, that it could work much better if we made it smarter!

One switch, many functions
Simple electro-mechanical switches allow you to control a single electric circuit - so they basically are only able to turn the lamp on or off. Building automation systems can make a simple switch a smart button, that will offer a variety of functions, depending on how you press it. 
GRENTON Smart Switch allows you to decrease the number of switches needed to control your smart house features.
GRENTON System can assign four different functions to every switch, depending on how you press it, offering you incredible configuration flexibility. What's more, the input does not have to be tied to only a single object. Different events generated at the input can trigger different outputs.
There are many ways you can use this smart switch. For example, you can turn the light on or off with a short press or increase/decrease brightness with a longer press.
Another interesting idea is to assign various functions to long and short presses of the switch mounted by the bed. Short press will cause the night lamp to turn on or off, while a long press will turn on all the lamps in the room and hallway, or even in the whole house.
These, of course, are just examples, and the functions you decide to assign to different switch presses are limited only by your creativity!
Different illumination at different times of day
There probably isn't a single person that likes to be blinded by a lamp turned on in the middle of the night. It is hard, however, to move around the house in complete darkness. What if the lamp brightness could differ depending on the time of day? Imagine a switch, that not only turns the lights on or off, but is also smart about it. 

inteligentny dom wyłącznik światła oświetlenia


This is exactly how GRENTON Smart Switch works - you can assign different tasks to the same switch depending on when it is pressed. You can use it to turn on the lamp at full power in the evening, but offer a lot more subtle illumination at night. Make it give you just enough light to allow you to safely move around the house.
You can also set the smart switch to turn on the main lamp during the day and small LED lights at night - their soft light is much less blinding, and may not wake other people.